Welcome to Susan Hanger's Website.

My Counselling practice is based on the many lessons I have endured through my own life and those around me whether they are adults, teenagers or children.

Through this experience and the fact that I went back to study to further my education in this field, I am now in a position, through Counselling to guide clients to a place of assurance and confidence for their own healing and moving forward in the struggles they are experiencing in their lives.

Counselling is:

  • A helping approach that highlights the emotional and intellectual experience of a client, how they are feeling and what they think about the situation being presented.
  • Helping the client to see their issues more clearly, sometimes from a different perspective which can help the client to start changing their behaviours, create new goals and ultimately move on with more confidence.
  • A relationship of trust. Confidence and trust are most important in the counselling relationship.

Counselling is not:

  • An Advice giving service. Counselling is a supportive service that allows a client to gain understanding by self exploration of their emotional issues.
  • Judgemental. Counsellors do not judge nor direct you, the client to take a certain course of action, but will help you to find a better way to deal with your situation and to make your own decisions.
  • A sign of weakness – It is very wise to ask for assistance when struggling with personal issues. This is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength.

If you are in crisis:

Please call lifeline on 131 114

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